COVID-19 Swab Testing | 24-48 release of results!

Our RT-PCR test is done in a DOH-acccredited lab. Swabbing will be done in your home/office.

Results will be available after:
• Fast-Track - 1-2 days
• Standard Test - 3-5 days

Cost becomes lower for household/office groups that are in the same location. Senior/PWD discount applies. You can pay thru cash, GCash, GCredit, or online bank transfer.

For more details and scheduling, contact us thru our 24/7 Hotlines:
Landline: 837-7377 / 8-283-9441 / 8-285-0156
Globe-TM: 0955-185-0307
Sun-Smart: 0925-734-8476
Facebook Page: