About Us

We provide ambulance services for emergencies & inter-facility transfers. The critical care inter-facility transfers are one of our most-utilized services. We have worked with almost all of the hospitals in Metro Manila, from down south in Muntinlupa to up north in Fairview, QC. We even do transfers in the CALABARZON, Bulacan, & Pampanga areas.

Our ambulance personnel are highly-trained professionals and made up of Paramedics & Nurses.

They have been trained to provide medical treatment from the time they meet you onsite, it may be your home or office, up to the time we bring you to definitive care (hospital). They are not merely bringing you to the hospital, they will be treating and monitoring you along the way too. Once we take you under our care, we will make sure you get to the hospital safely and hopefully in a more stable condition.

Interfacility and Critical Transfers are more technical and require clinical experience with intravenous fluids, IV drips and pumps, mechanical ventilation, cardiac monitoring, etc. The case is usually a critical patient on the way to an ICU in another hospital. We excel in these as well.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, the challenges have been enormous and undeniably difficult. Despite that, we have continued providing our services even to COVID-19 positive cases. We have transferred hundreds of these positive cases.

The service has also evolved in response to the current situation and we now provide home service blood extraction, ECG, and RT-PCR swab collection. These services aim to extend the medical services to those who can't or shouldn't go out of their homes. That way, they avoid unnecessary exposure to infection while still availing of necessary laboratory tests to look after their health.

We strive everyday to provide the best service to our countrymen by overcoming challenges as well as recognizing new opportunities that present itself. We are here to bring hope to our patients and their loved ones, and to be a light in their darkest hour.

Hence, our creed: "Lighting the way to a new age of emergency care!"


  • To be the leading healthcare provider in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific Region.


  • To become the ambulance-service-of-choice in Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao.
  • To provide affordable and high-quality health services to our clients.
  • To remain a DOH-licensed ambulance service provider while continuing to improve our services, our people, and our facilities.
  • To produce competent, highly-skilled and compassionate ambulance officers via innovative training programs adherent to the highest standards of the ambulance service industry world-wide.
  • To obtain the majority market share thru an innovative business model.
  • To return a healthy profit to our shareholders thru cost-efficient processes and modern business approaches.

You may contact us thru our 24/7 Hotlines:
Landline: 837-7377 / 8-283-9441 / 8-285-0156
Globe-TM: 0955-185-0307
Sun-Smart: 0925-734-8476
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ArgonixEMS